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Solidscape S325+

Complete set of 3D printer for wax: Solidscape S325+ like new and very well maintained.

Purchased from Artsupport on 22.04.2022 for CHF 21'950.

Including order confirmations.

Description source: Artsupport:



  • Higher production for jewelry manufacturers
  • Meets your daily workflow needs

The new entry-level priced S325+ delivers the extraordinary precision and production performance jewelers need. Reliable accuracy for fine filigree and perfect prongs for faster stone setting, all with a pristine surface finish.




The S325+ Solidscape 3D wax printer for jewelry adds value

at every step:

  • Get exactly what you design in CAD. Reliable accuracy with every print, including fine filigree, pristine surface finish and perfect prongs for fast stone setting.
  • Create with total freedom. Automatically generated supports so there’s no need to build supports in your design and no need to design around the need to build supports.
  • Save hours of labor in post-processing. Dissolve-away support material means no more tedious clipping and filing.



Smooth Curvature Printing: SCP and SCP+


Solidscape’s exclusive Smooth Curvature Printing (SCP) technology keeps the printer carriage flowing at a constant, even speed, while the nozzle places precise drops of wax along the X and Y axes. The S325+ is equipped with the SCP+ algorithm to boost speed around the curves. Then the rotating milling blade performs a final sweep, leveling every print layer to the exact same thickness.



Printing properties:


Layer Thickness: 0.038 mm

Resolution: 197 X 197 dots/mm in X, Y

Accuracy: 127 μm for 25.4 mm, ±0.001 inch/inch (25.4 μm) each additional inch X,Y and Z

Surface Finish: Layer thickness-dependent, up to 32 micro-inches (RMS)

Start Process: Fully automated, one-touch operation

Status Monitoring: Fully automated fault detection, restarts build from point of interruption

Calibration Capacity: Efficient calibration and optional user selectable frequency


Technical specifications:


Dimensions: 558 x 495 x 419 mm

Build Envelope: 152.4 x 152.4 x 101.6 mm

Weight: 36 kg

Power: 100 - 240 V Required

Operating Temperature: 16° to 24°C

Humidity: 40-60%

Agency Compliance: CE Certified, FCC Class B approved, TUV certified EN 60950 Compliant

Material properties:


Midas Castable Material: Proprietary model material formulated for clean burnout, producing 100% direct casting results

Melt-J Dissolvable Support: Proprietary support material engineered to dissolve completely, hands-free, resulting in superior surface finish

Material Capacity: Larger tanks require less filling and allow for longer print runs

Material Monitoring: Display indicates build and support material levels accurately in 10% increments

Software and system requirements:


One-Click Software: Automatically formats CAD files for 3D printing

CAD File Input: .stl and .slc files

System: Windows, PC-to-printer connectivity via high-speed USB 2.0 or Ethernet


For sale for: CHF 15'000.00


Michael Grasso MG24
Rue Gottstatt 6, 2504 Bienne
[javascript protected email address]