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Gravers, Handles, Storage & QC-Tool Holders 

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Stone Setting, Engraving, GRS > Gravers, Handles, Storage & QC-Tool Holders


Round Edge Gravers

CHF 10.00

from CHF 8.30


Knife Gravers

CHF 13.30

from CHF 10.90


Liner Gravers

CHF 44.75

CHF 36.90

Flat Edge Gravers HSS

from CHF 9.00

Round Edge Gravers HSS

from CHF 8.70

Onglette Gravers HSS

from CHF 8.20

Knife Gravers HSS

from CHF 12.20

GlenSteel blanks

from CHF 7.65

GlenSteel blanks V-Point

from CHF 9.35

HSS Gravers, Blank

from CHF 14.20


C-Max V-Point Gravers

from CHF 27.80

Burnish Tool

CHF 29.60


Straight Line Gravers

from CHF 24.80

Liner Gravers, Curved

from CHF 31.60

Bevel Line Gravers

from CHF 15.70

Curved Ring Graver

CHF 14.00

QC Short Handle

CHF 21.20

QC Medium Handle

CHF 21.20

QC Long Handle

CHF 21.20

C-Max Hand Gravers

from CHF 34.20

Thermo-Loc Handles

CHF 18.00

GRS QC Hand Handle

CHF 41.40

GRS Hand Chuck

CHF 63.00

Universal handle

CHF 4.85

C-DR QC-Toolholders

from CHF 9.30

QC Storage System

CHF 68.50

QC Tool Trays

CHF 13.60