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Tools & Consumables > Forging

Grooving Hammers

from CHF 49.00

Polishing Hammers

from CHF 10.10

Chasing Hammers

from CHF 26.40

Nylon Hammers

from CHF 47.50

Rubber Mallets

from CHF 9.40

Replacement Heads

from CHF 1.60

Hammer Handle Bent

CHF 11.90

Dapping Punches, single

from CHF 9.90

Dapping Dies

from CHF 255.00

Dapping Dies Cube

from CHF 169.00

Ring Mandrels

from CHF 20.10

Bracelet Mandrels

from CHF 73.70

Bracelet Mandrels, Wood

from CHF 22.90

Forming block

CHF 149.00

Forming Block Set

CHF 299.00

Sparrow Hawk

from CHF 23.70

Shell Stake, Fretz

CHF 56.40

Shell Stake, Fretz

CHF 56.40

Horn Stake, Fretz

CHF 56.40

Tinker’s Anvils

from CHF 195.00


from CHF 63.30

Anvils small

from CHF 41.10


from CHF 96.90

Hatchet Stakes

from CHF 95.50

Necklace Mandrel

CHF 308.00

Necklace Mandrel

CHF 189.00

Collet Plates, round

from CHF 72.70

Collet Plates, oval

from CHF 125.00

Collet Plates, square

from CHF 98.90

Collet Plates, rectagonal

from CHF 116.00

Collet Plates, hexagonal

from CHF 88.60

Collet Plates, octagonal

from CHF 95.30