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Laser Welding - Information!

Planning to buy a laser?

You are planning to purchase a laser welding device and to invest an amount as high as the price of a small car? Then your justified questions will be:

  • Which kind of laser do I need?
  • How do I compare to different laser brands?
  • What do all those technical specifications like kW or Joule mean?

Every supplier wants to make his model the most attractive one and will overload you with technical information and specification that you are not able to understand as long as you’re not a hobby-physician.


Don’t get blinded!


Many suppliers try to allure customers with high values of technical data like Joule, Hertz, Kilowatt etc. Obviously the greater the number, the more impressive it sounds.



Most of our customers operate in the Jewellery and Watch Manufacturing industry. PRECISION AND QUALITITY ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT! To achieve that, you don’t need a device with a maximum of power or the one with the highest numbers of kW or Joules. By the way, as you are not able to verify the values of those specifications and their influence on your result, you just have to believe what you are being told or what you read on a leaflet.


All our different laser welding machines have a maximum power range that will be more than sufficient to suit almost every application, of course also with silver. But more importantly; the welding property in the low-to-medium power range is of perfect quality and that is where the different brands and models distinguish one to each other. When you work precise, close to expensive stones, watches, jewellery and other, you will need a stable and perfect laser beam and therefore a high quality laser welding device.


We would be pleased to advise you, don’t hesitate to contact us! Trust in our experience since 1999.