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Precision files, round

from CHF 14.80


Precision files INOX

from CHF 17.65

Needle files, flat-dull

from CHF 5.35

Needle files, cap

from CHF 6.10

Needle files, half-round

from CHF 7.20

Needle files, Oval

from CHF 7.05

Needle files, round

from CHF 4.90

Needle files, triangular

from CHF 6.30

Needle files, square

from CHF 7.05

Needle files, knife

from CHF 7.30

Needle files, crossing

from CHF 8.85

Set of needle-files

from CHF 84.55

Escapement Files, Warding

from CHF 14.50

Escapement Files, Barette

from CHF 11.25

Escapement Files, Square

from CHF 12.00

Escapement Files, Round

from CHF 8.05

Escapement Files, Knife

from CHF 13.05

Joint files, Round

from CHF 16.90


Joint files, Flat

CHF 20.50

CHF 16.90

Precision files INOX

from CHF 17.65


File handles

from CHF 1.60


Diamond files

from CHF 26.50