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Ceramic Files 

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File Insert, Ceramic Fibres, Round, Grit 1200 (red)

  Item no. GrainØColor CHF
G602-422 12002.34 mmred 10.80
G602-423 10002.34 mmwhite 10.80
G602-424 8002.34 mmblue 10.80
G602-425 6002.34 mmblack 10.80
G602-426 4002.34 mmorange 10.80
G602-427 3002.34 mmlight brown 10.80
G602-428 2202.34 mmgrey 10.80
G602-450 12003.00 mmred 10.40
G602-452 10003.00 mmwhite 10.40
G602-454 8003.00 mmblue 10.40
G602-456 6003.00 mmblack 10.40
G602-458 4003.00 mmorange 10.40
G602-460 3003.00 mmlight brown 10.40

Ceramic fibres File inserts are made of ceramic fibres. The braided fibrous material, which is used by the aerospace industry, prevents the files from cracking or breaking and enables filing of workpieces where conventional stone files would break or not reach. The file itself can be adapted to the shape you desire and any other needs, and its texture enables both frontal and lateral filing. Perfect for use on all materials with a hardness of less than HRC 57 (gold, silver, and so on).

Round Ø 2.34 × 50 mm.


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