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Form 2/3/L 

High Temp Resin Cartridge, 1L

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The latest formulation of High Temp Resin from Formlabs is ideal for innovators across product design, engineering and jewelry manufacturers. The Resin is strong enough to withstand the temperatures and pressures of vulcanized rubber molding.

  • High Temp Resin offers a heat deflection temperature (HDT) of 238 °C @ 0.45 MPa, the highest among Formlabs resins. Use it to print detailed, precise prototypes with high temperature resistance.
  • Key applications include parts for hot air, gas, and fluid flow; heat-resistant mounts, housings, and fixtures; and molds and inserts.
  • Print resolutions: 100, 50, and 25 microns. Post-curing required.
  • Compatible with Form 3, Form 2.


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