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Solidscape S390

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Get the best price on the best 3D wax printer for jewelry, plus free material for a year*!

*Free materials included are one case each of Midas (10 pcs) and Melt (10 pcs) – the amount of material an average Solidscape customer typically uses in a year.

The high precision wax model 3D printers built exclusively for jewelers, the desktop Solidscape S300 series creates ultra-accurate, directly castable wax models with complex geometries, clean burnout and superior surface finish.

Solidscape's most reliable 3D printers to date

Redesigned to make high-end custom jewelry production processes more efficient for jewelry manufacturers, service bureaus and investment casting companies, Solidscape’s S300 series’ re-engineered material delivery system, temperature control system and tank level measurement with 100 percent increase in capacity contribute to the overall reliability.

User interface and software improvements mean overall increased reliability. Redesigned delivery system improves performance and enhances assembly processes. Advanced hardware refinements make the S300 series easier to use and service.

  • Directly castable: Solidscape's wax pattern 3D printers pave a direct route to finished investment casting — 100% castable in gold, platinum and all castable metals.
  • High precision, ultra accuracy: Stunning symmetry, exacting wall thickness and extreme detail that is repeatable and consistent, time after time.
  • Superior surface finish: Automatically generated non-toxic support melts away completely, hands-free — leaving smooth molds and virtually no finishing.

Which Solidscape 3D printer is right for your business?
The Solidscape S350 and S370 are engineered specifically for custom jewelry production
Solidscape S350:
  • Business model: Complex custom designs
  • Resolution: Builds crisp, exact details with user selectable layer thickness down to 0.00635 mm
  • Customer need: One-of-a-kind fine jewelry
  • Volume: Production volume of 1-3 models per day
Solidscape S370:
  • Business model: Higher volume or larger designs
  • Resolution: Builds smooth details with user selectable layer thickness down to 0.0254 mm
  • Customer need: More basic design and quick turnaround
  • Volume: Production volume of 1 large piece or 3 or more models per day

Solidscape S390:
  • Business model: Highest volumes
  • Resolution: Builds smooth details with user selectable layer thickness down 0.0254 mm
  • Customer need: Quick turnaround and multiple pieces
  • Volume: Production volume of 6-7 models per day

Printing properties:
Layer Thickness: User Selectable – 0.00635 mm to 0.0762 mm at 0.00635 mm increments, depending printer model
Resolution: 5000 dots/inch (197 X 197 dots/mm) in X, Y
Accuracy: ±0.005 inch (127 μm) for 1st inch (25.4 mm), ±0.001 inch/inch (25.4 μm) each additional inch X,Y and Z
Surface Finish: Layer thickness-dependent, up to 32 micro-inches (RMS)
Start Process: Fully automated, one-touch operation
Status Monitoring: Fully automated fault detection, restarts build from point of interruption
Calibration Capacity: Quicker calibration and ability to select calibration frequency means less wasted material

Technical specifications:
Dimensions: 21.4 x 18 x 16 inches (558 x 495 x 419 mm)
Build Envelope: 6 x 6 x 4 inches (152.4 x 152.4 x 101.6 mm)
Weight: 80 lbs (36 kg)
Power: 100 - 240 V Required
Operating Temperature: 60° to 75°F (16° to 24°C)
Humidity: 40-60%
Agency Compliance: CE Certified, FCC Class B approved, TUV certified EN 60950 Compliant

Material properties:
Midas Castable Material: Proprietary model material formulated for clean burnout, producing 100% direct casting results
Melt-J Dissolvable Support: Proprietary support material engineered to dissolve completely, hands-free, resulting in superior surface finish
Material Capacity: Larger tanks require less filling and allow for longer print runs
Material Monitoring: Display indicates build and support material levels accurately in 10% increments

Software and system requirements:
One-Click Software: Automatically formats CAD files for 3D printing
CAD File Input: .stl and .slc files
System: Windows, PC-to-printer connectivity via high-speed USB 2.0 or Ethernet


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