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Doubleclip, E-Ø 2.5 mm, Silver 925

  Item no. Ø-IØ-Outside CHF
F90-0540-010 1.2 mm2.0 mm ---
F90-0540-020 2.1 mm2.5 mm ---
F90-0540-040 3.1 mm3.5 mm ---
  • Opens only by pressing both buttons: In order to open the Doubleclip, you have to use both buttons. If only one button is pressed, the Doubleclip doesn’t open.
  • When closing, the Doubleclip readjusts the chain to its right position, because the Doubleclip is in closed position turnable.
  • You can hear it when it`s safely closed: When closing, the “click” sound reassures you that the Doubleclip is safely closed.
  • The Doubleclip can sustain weight pressure up to 4 kg.


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