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Slide & Lock Original

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  Item no. Model CHF
G004-757 Original 266.00
G004-758 Mini 231.00
G004-759 Tru-Axis 435.00
G004-753 Tru-Axis Adapter 266.00

The Slide & Lock system was designed byJeff Mathews to help goldsmiths work more efficiently.


You can save time by simply opening the brass handle to reposition the height of your workpiece for easy adjustments or to move to the next task.


The system is ideal for anything that attaches to the GRS Fixed Mounting Plate (#004-557). This includes any of the BenchMate models, Block Shelf, Bench Pin, Multi-Purpose Vise, and more. The Slide & Lock Original accommodates 20.3 cm of vertical travel. 


  • Support up to two separate tools at once
  • Ergonomically designed to reduce strain and weariness in hands, neck, and back
  • Position workpiece for viewing through microscope or OptiVISOR
  • Easily slide the holder into position and lock it
  • Adjust height in seconds – tools can be set at height above work surface
  • Lock is easily reversed for right- or left-hand use
  • Supports a maximum weight of 15.8 kg


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