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QC Workholding Sets 

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QC Complete Set with MicroBlock®

  Item no. Version CHF
G500-510 with MicroBlock® 1'830.00
G500-511 without MicroBlock® 1'565.00
G500-513 for GRS® Standard Block 1'715.00
G500-527 with MicroBlock® XL 1'940.00

The Complete Set builds on the Basic Set and includes an amazing assortment of workholding solutions for any setter. Specialized clamps are ideal for uniquely shaped projects, including rings, pendants, earrings, bur and beading tool sharpening, and drilling. Grooved jaws allow you to quickly remove the workpiece and re-sharpen beading tools in the same fixture. Each jaw can be customized using Thermo-Loc for production style setting. 20 and 40 mm tops are used for multi-sided setting. Brass points can be customized to hold a variety of objects, including spherical items. Shellac and Thermo-Loc® cylinders provide support for fragile ring work.

The set includes:

  • MicroBlock® with Jura Master Jaws
  • Small Vise Base
  • 5 mm Hex Key
  • Organizers
  • QC Fixtures:
    • Horizontal Inside Ring Holder
    • Vertical Inside Ring Holder
    • 10 Plastic Collets
    • Flat Clamps with Groove
    • Outside Ring Holder
    • 6 mm Cylinder Top with Groove
    • 10 mm Cylinder Top
    • 20 mm Round Top
    • 20 mm Straight Top
    • 40 mm Straight Top
    • Engravers Clamps with 2.35 mm Holes
    • Thermo-Loc® Engravers Clamps
    • Shellac Plate
    • Thermo-Loc Cylinder
    • Shellac Cylinder
    • Tapered Point Holders
    • Tapered Ball Holders


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