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8 Piece Oval Disc Cutter Set

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  Item no. ØFormQuantity of punches CHF
YX00431 3 - 19 mmRound17 406.00
YX00430 3 - 32 mmRound10 325.00
YX00432 20 - 28 mmRound9 365.00
YX00433 29 - 34 mmRound6 345.00
YX00435 ---Oval6 372.00
YX00436 ---Oval8 438.00

The New Oval Disc Cutter Sets include an unique die-cast aluminium tray to hold all the punches, along with the disc cutter itself. Durston Lubrication compound for the disc cutter is also included with the set. There is an innovative and much more secure easy clamping solution whereby the user clamps and then removes the Allen key provided. The collection also includes levelling shims to provide a complete oval cutting solution for any jewellery workshop.

The 8 Piece Oval Disc Cutter Set includes the following sized punches:

8 x 6mm, 10 x 8mm, 12 x 10mm, 14 x 10mm, 16 x 12mm, 16 x 14mm, 18 x 13mm and 18 x 16mm.


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