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Diamond and moissanite Tester Presidium ARI

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The PRESIDIUM ARI is a diamond tester that distinguishes natural type IA diamonds from laboratory grown diamonds (CVD/HPTH diamonds) as well as all types of moissanites by UV reflection.

Thanks to its advanced and patented technology, the ARI tester measures the UV light absorption capacity of diamonds; synthetic type IIA diamonds as well as moissanites and provides the exact result in 3 seconds on its LCD screen.

Test range: 

  • Colourless diamonds & D-J moissanites, lab grown CVD/HPTH diamonds and also all types of low conductivity moissanites.
  • Loose stones as well as set jewellery such as rings (open/closed back), necklaces, bracelets, etc.
  • Cut diamonds and moissanites of all proportional cuts from 0.02ct and up to 10ct.

Product features & highlights:

  • User-safe, spring-loaded fibre-optic test probe that is activated only when in direct contact with the object being tested.
  • Replaceable test tip to minimise downtime (see accessories)
  • Warning buzzer in case of loss of contact between test tip and test stone
  • Automatic calibration when switched on for reliable and accurate measurement results
  • User interface in 6 languages (DE - EN - IT - FR - ES - ZH)
  • Equally suitable for left- & right-handers

Energy & Battery:

  • Battery operation 3 x AAA alkaline batteries
  • Micro USB port for operation with adapter (optionally available)

Delivery contents:

  • Presidium ARI
  • Protective carrying case
  • Schnellstartanleitung
  • USB cable


(L x W x H) 190 x 46 x 25 mm


  60 g (net)

270 g (gros)

Important notice:

The technology of the ARI is not suitable for testing Zirconia or Cubic Zirconia.


The following accessories are available:

26757-S Replacement tip for Presidium ARI
R01-1704-020 Battery AAA Micro LR3